Do you read me?

I know you did, wait you did not? DON'T LIE! Well now you do for this I shall tell you something about me I'm Jenny and nooo it's not short for Jennifer got it? great! I love Adventure Time, Running Man, Avatar - The last airbender (obviously Korra as well duh), books, animals (especially cats, if you post something about cats I'll love you and we'll be friends got that?) animals in general, nature (guess what green is my favourite color BAAAM), cats, scribbeling, speaking sarcasm fluently, Studio Ghibli movies, pasta, cats, rainy days and did I mention cats? yeah I like them as well and what I hate is well humans and bugs and if you're still reading then I shall throw confetti over you and tell you that you just wasted your time efficiently instead of doing your homework or whatever, what? still want to procrastinate? then just scroll through my blog, I'm not even sorry for this long post
have a lovely day my lil' potatoes ♥
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